Are Emulators and ROMs Legal?

Playstation, a video game company with five home consoles, two handhelds, a media center, a smartphone, an online service, and many publications, is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony sold over 7.2 million PS 4 units in 2020 alone, according to Statista, which shows that the company makes a lot from its console. On the other hand, Games available on…

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Projectors Vs Big TVs | Which is the best for home Cinema?

The debate on whether it is best to use a projector or a wall TV seems to have just started, as tons of articles are published daily to discuss the topic. In one of our recent articles, we also examined whether a projector could be used for everyday TV watching. The article is enough for you to take a stand…

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Is Wireless HDMI Cable Good For Gaming? Wireless HDMI Vs. Wired HDMI

Many gamers are already used to the standard way of connecting a game console to the TV via HDMI cable. However, this usually comes with frequent lags and causes cluttering in the room, which can be annoying. Therefore, you may already be considering other alternatives, and I am certain wireless HDMI is at the top of your list. Since you…

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TV & Streaming

How To Choose The Best HDMI Cable For A 4K Or 8K TV

The trend of judging a standard 4K or 8K with the inclusion…

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How To Add Bluetooth To Any TV

Converting your TV into a Bluetooth-enabled device is a great way of…

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Best Wall Mount for the LG CX TV (2024)

Overall, the LG CX is a fantastic device. It features a near-infinite…

Victor Smith

LG CX Vs C1 OLED TV | Which OLED TV Should You Buy?

LG is the most important brand when it comes to OLED technology.…

Vic's Guide Team

Top 7 Best 4K TVs Under $1500 (2024)

You don't need a huge budget before getting one of the best…

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