Is 32GB RAM Worth It For Gaming?

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It is really frustrating to experience frequent lagging and low graphics performance during gaming, although many gamers still do not have an idea of the root of this problem. Typically, game speed and performance solely rely on the memory and processor of your gaming gadget, especially the RAM.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is essential for optimum game performance and experience. Hence, it is pertinent for you to know how much RAM you should have on your phone or computer to run specific games excellently and the benefits of increasing the RAM of the device. As we delve more into the article, you will understand better from the discussion of the following:

Is 32GB RAM Worth It For Gaming?

Without mincing words, 32GB is excellent for gaming and gives you the best gaming experience you can think of at the moment. However, many think going for 32GB RAM is overboard and might overkill some games. This is actually true to some extent since many games do not even use close to 32GB, but the benefits of having 32GB RAM in your gaming device supersede the downsides.  Here are some of the benefits of gaming with 32GB RAM:

Is 32GB RAM worth for Gaming
  • Enhanced Graphical Performance: This is specifically advantageous when playing games with bad graphics or lesser optimization. The large memory available on the 32GB RAM allows for enhancements of such games to give you the best graphical outlook.
  • High-Speed Performance: Running games with the speed of flash is only possible with 32GB RAM. Most 32GB RAM works perfectly with a DDR5 motherboard at an effective frequency of 4800MHz, which is exactly what you need for instantaneous communication with the game.
  • Eliminating lagging and stuttering issues: You can run and play games smoothly without lags and overclocks.
  • Extreme multitasking: Playing games smoothly with a lot of apps running in the background has always been an issue for gamers, but with 32GB RAM, it only gets better.

The above-listed benefits are only a part of the numerous advantages of gaming with 32GB RAM, which confirms it is definitely worth the cash and stress of getting one. Nonetheless, you might not need up to this to enjoy a good gaming experience once you know how much RAM you need for gaming.

How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming?

The amount of RAM needed for gaming differs based on the kind of device and games you want to play. Normally, a RAM of 16GB is the benchmark for desktop gamers, while mobile gamers and laptop gamers should consider a minimum of 8GB. Some other components of your device also contribute to your overall gaming experience, so you may need to also look at them before selecting a RAM size.


4GB was the talk of the town for many years but is gradually losing its rank among gamers due to its inability to run most of the latest games. However, it remains a popular choice among mobile gamers, although many latest smartphones now run on a minimum of 6GB RAM. Nevertheless, factors such as chipset refresh rate, Android/IOS version, and so on will all contribute to the overall gaming experience; it is still a good option to run mobile games.

Popular games like GTA 5, PlayStation (PES), Call Of Duty (COD), and League of Legends (LoL) are okay to run on 4GB RAM devices, although you might not get the best gaming experience. It is highly not recommended for computer gamers.


This is the ideal RAM size for mobile games and the starting point for computer gamers. Virtually every mobile game can run at the optimum quality on 8GB RAM devices, and the rare ones that would not run are specifically built for the 12GB devices. Desktop gamers also should not have any issues running games on 8GB computers, although you may have to maintain the lowest possible memory usage while running the game. This implies that you must close any other application to avoid extreme multitasking.


This is certainly the best RAM size for computer gamers and is considered standard by many. A good number of the latest released games include a minimum requirement of 16GB to run them perfectly. This is obvious since you experience improved performance and can multitask below an extreme level without having any issues.


We have already clarified this in the antecedent section, and there is no doubt that 32GB is the best RAM size catch. Notwithstanding, it is more recommended to professional users who cannot do without gaming on their laptops and also run extreme multitasking. There is no need to close one application to run the other; it is best to stream while gaming.

Types Of Computer Memory And Their Functions

A computer’s memory consists of two broad parts; the RAM and the ROM. The actions and interactions between these two components go a long way to deciding the overall performance of your computer, especially during complex activities such as gaming. We will look at them in detail and see how they interact to determine your gaming experience in the subsequent paragraphs.

Types of Computer Memory


Our main theme of discussion in this article stands for Random Access Memory and is temporary storage available on a computer device. This memory enables the computer to access faster storage space to load applications and software. It works hand in hand with some other essential parts of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to give gamers the best user experience when playing games.

RAM is available in divergent sizes, with each size having its own capacity and limitations. The simple rule of thumb of this is that the higher you go, the better your gaming experience.


Conversely, ROM implies Read Only Memory and comes in two forms; Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD).  This is the permanent storage space for data on your computer and is not readily accessible by the computer, unlike RAM. When the RAM space has been used, your computer falls back to the HDD or SSD to get more space. This can lead to lags and poor performance of your device when gaming. Hence, 32GB RAM will ensure your computer has more than enough space to access when gaming.

Deciding whether to go for a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB can be very difficult, especially if you are not a professional gamer. Apart from gaming, you might also want to use your device to run other activities such as coding, streaming, etc. You must know that the higher the specifications you consider, the more productive your computer will be.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the factors you should consider before selecting a RAM for your device:

  • Compatibility with your device’s motherboard: You need to confirm the largest RAM size in terms of DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) and SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module) so that your computer can run without issues. Some computer devices cannot run more than 8GB RAMS (SO-DIMM), while others can work with any RAM Size (DIMM). You should check this before deciding to upgrade your RAM and look at the specifications on the RAM to see if it is compatible with your motherboard.
  • (Double Data Rate) DDR Version: This is similar to checking the DIMM compatibility of the RAM, although this will determine the metrics like speed, bandwidth, data transfer rate, voltage, and refresh rate. Before doing so, you should be sure that your motherboard supports the DDR of the RAM you want to purchase.
  • Memory Capacity: This has been discussed when we talked about the amount of RAM size you need for gaming. The memory capacity you select depends on the kind of game you want to play and if you will need the computer for some other activities.
  • Price: As we have always said, you should never forget to check your pocket since what your mind wants might not align with your pocket. Check if your budget is enough to upgrade your RAM to a particular size.


You can vividly see that a 32GB RAM size is worth every penny spent on upgrading to it and is an excellent choice for gamers. If you are a professional gamer, your next stop should be at 32GB to maximize your gaming features.

For normal gamers and many other computer users, 16GB is quite okay if you cannot afford to get a 32GB at the moment.

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