Best Wall Mount For LG A2 and B2 OLED TV (2023)

Here is a list of the Best Wall Mount for the LG A2 and B2.

Best Wall Mount For the LG A1 and B1 OLED TV

You have come to the right place if you want to buy a new wall mount for your LG A2 and B2 OLED TV. This article lists the best wall mount for the LG A2 and B2, irrespective of your current TV size.

The LG A2 and B2 are flat-screen TVs, making it possible to skip the bulky television cabinet and go with a sleek, wall-mounted look. A TV wall mount allows you to save space, which is very useful in tight areas.

However, finding a TV wall mount for the LG A2 and B2 can be difficult, and there are numerous options to pick from, making it tough to decide. The best TV wall mounts are classified into flat, articulating, and tilt.

Flat/Low-profile TV wall brackets are the most basic; they secure your television to the Wall in a set position and do not move. Then there are the full-motion or articulating TV mounts, which may turn or swivel to face different directions. Finally, tilting TV brackets can be oriented up or down, which may be handy for avoiding screen reflections or glare. The following are the most outstanding TV wall mounts on the market.

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Best Wall Mount For LG A2 and B2 TV

1. EchoGear EGLF2

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The EchoGear EGLF2 is one of the best Wall mounts you can get right now. The wall mount might look pricy but what you are getting from this wall mount is top-notch. This wall mount has an articulating arm extending up to 22 inches. This wall mount stood out among its competitors, giving you more than what you are paying for. The wall mount costs around $100- $110.

2. Mounting Dream MD2298-XL

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The Mounting Dream MD2298-XL is another good choice if you want the best Wall to mount for the LG A2 and B2 OLED TV. The wall mount is compatible with TVs from 42 to 86 inches and TVs weighing up to 132 pounds. This means the Mounting Dream MD2298-XL is compatible with all LG A2 and B2 TV models.

The TV is made of iron, making it solid and firm to the Wall. The wall mount can tilt up to 15 degrees and swivel to 45 degrees. The wall mount is easy to install with the manual with the Wall bracket.

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3. Mounting Dream MD2268-XL

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The tilt wall mount is ideal for watching TV from various positions, such as sitting on the sofa or lying in bed. It also lets you easily switch between watching TV and doing other things by swiveling the TV.

If you want a low-cost wall mount with forwarding tilt capability and UL approval, choose the mounting dream MD2268-XL Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket. It weighs 132 pounds and is suitable with TVs ranging in size from 42 to 84 inches, which means it is compatible with all LG A1 and B1 TV models.

The Mounting Dream MD2268-XL has no level adjustment after installation and can only tilt downward. It will, however, securely hold a television against the Wall while remaining cost-effective.

LG A2 and B2 Screen Size

When buying a TV wall mount, your TV screen size is essential. You should ensure the TV wall mount you buy is compatible with your TV. We list all available screen sizes for the LG A2 and B2 below; you should be able to know your TV size from the TV manual.

LG A2 TV Screen Size

  • 48″ Model Number: OLED48A26LA
  • 55″ Model Number: OLED55A26LA
  • 65″ Model Number: OLED65A26LA

LG B2 TV Screen Size

  • 55″ Model Number: OLED55B26LA
  • 65″ Model Number: OLED65B26LA
  • 77″ Model Number: OLED77B26LA

LG A2 and B2 Dimension

Your TV dimension is not essential in determining the wall mount to get, but it is worth knowing. Here is the dimension for all the available LG A1 and B2 OLED TV models.

  • 48″ LG A2 TV: 1070 x 620 x 45.9 mm
  • 55″ LG A2 TV: 1228 x 708 x 45.9 mm
  • 65″ LG A2 TV: 1449 x 832 x 45.9 mm
  • 55″ LG B2 TV: 1228 x 708 x 46.9 mm
  • 65″ LG B2 TV: 1449 x 832 x 46.9 mm
  • 77″ LG B2 TV: 1723 x 992 x 55.3 mm

LG A2 and B2 Weights

Ensure that the TV wall mount you are buying can carry your TV. You won’t want to buy a TV wall mount only for it to break after a few months of use. The capacity of the TV wall mount you are buying should not be less than the weight of your TV. If you don’t know the weight of your LG A2 or B2, below is the weight of all available model

  • 48″ LG A2 TV: 11.5 Kg
  • 55″ LG A2 TV: 14.3 Kg
  • 65″ LG A2 TV: 17.1 Kg
  • 55″ LG B2 TV: 18.9 Kg
  • 65″ LG B2 TV: 24 Kg
  • 77″ LG B2 TV: 26.7 Kg

VESA Mounting for LG A2 and B2

The VESA Interface Standard specifies the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a television (length horizontally x length vertically). Most TV manufacturers have embraced the VESA standard for TV wall mounts and wall mounting solutions.

You must be aware of your TV’s VESA mounting. The VESA mounting options for the LG C1 and G1 TV models are listed below.

  • 48″ LG C1 TV: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 55″ LG C1 TV: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 65″ LG C1 TV: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 55″ LG G1 TV: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 65″ LG G1 TV: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 77″ LG G1 TV: 400 mm x 200 mm

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