How To Choose The Best HDMI Cable For A 4K Or 8K TV

The trend of judging a standard 4K or 8K with the inclusion of an HDMI port is fast becoming prevalent, and you would not like to be left out. HDMI cables are the best method of connecting your TV to the A/V components of other devices for excellent video display and audio quality. But, the main problem remains how to…

Yusuf Ramon

Is 32GB RAM Worth It For Gaming?

It is really frustrating to experience frequent lagging and low graphics performance during gaming, although many gamers still do not have an idea of the root of this problem. Typically, game speed and performance solely rely on the memory and processor of your gaming gadget, especially the RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is essential for optimum game…

Yusuf Ramon

How To Add Bluetooth To Any TV

Converting your TV into a Bluetooth-enabled device is a great way of improving the functionalities of the TV. You may need to do this to transfer audio via a wireless connection to an external sound system such as Mp Player, headphones, soundbars, and so on. This should not be a problem if you own a smart TV since many already…

Yusuf Ramon

TV & Streaming

Best Wall Mount for TCL Roku TV: TCL TV Wall Mount Compatibility Guide

Different types of mounts for TCL Roku TVs are available in the…

Victor Smith

Best Wall Mount For LG A2 and B2 OLED TV (2024)

You have come to the right place if you want to buy…

Vic's Guide Team

Projectors Vs Big TVs | Which is the best for home Cinema?

The debate on whether it is best to use a projector or…

Yusuf Ramon

Best 55 and 65-inch TV Wall Mount (2024)

Having your TV mounted on the wall is a good choice if…

Victor Smith

DSTV Yanga Channels list and price in Nigeria

DSTV Yanga is one of the budget packages from DSTV with over…

Victor Smith
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