Best Wall Mount for TCL Roku TV: TCL TV Wall Mount Compatibility Guide

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Different types of mounts for TCL Roku TVs are available in the market. These mounts can be classified into two types: wall mounts and table mounts. Wall mounts come with a variety of different mounting options. They include the traditional VESA holes or a built-in bracket designed to stay flush to the wall. Table mounts are used for TV stands and other furniture with an open space at the back.

If you want your TV not to take up all the space available in your room, then the Wall mount or wall bracket is what you should go for. Some of these mounts are also compatible with other TV brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc., while others are not compatible with other brands but only Roku TVs.

This article lists the best wall mount for the TCL Roku TV available in the market right now.

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1. Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Bracket

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Tilt wall brackets, like flat/low profile mounts, allow you to tilt your television downward. This can help you see the TV better, especially if it’s mounted high on the wall or you’re watching it in your bedroom at a lower viewing angle.

A tilting bracket allows you to change the position of your TV while keeping the flat wall installation’s low-profile appearance. In addition, the LG C1 and G1 TVs are compatible with the Mount UL Tilt wall mount, which has the appropriate VESA mounting for all models.

2. C-MOUNTS Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket with Articulating Dual Arm Swivel

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A full-motion TV wall mount allows you to fully adjust your TV at any time for the optimal viewing angle. The CMount full motion TV wall mount with an articulating dual arm swivel provides a terrific viewing angle and experience.

The wall mount includes a dual extending arm that allows your TV to tilt up to 6 degrees and swivel up to 12 degrees. This wall bracket is suitable for TVs with VESA patterns ranging from 100mm X 100mm to 400mm X 400mm. However, this wall mount may not be compatible if your TV is 77″ or 83″.

3. PERLESMITH Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket

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If you don’t want anything difficult and want a TV wall mount with a low profile that sits on the wall, a fixed TV wall mount is the way to go.

The PerlessSmith fixed TV wall mount bracket is a robust wall bracket that can accommodate TVs with VESA mounting dimensions ranging from 200mm X 200mm to 600mm X 400mm. This TV wall mount is designed to work with all LG C1 and G1 TV models.

TCL Roku Screen Size

The TCL Roku TVs come in different series, from series 3 to series 8. In addition, various TV sizes are available in each series—the TV sizes range from 32 to 75 inches.

Before buying a TV wall mount for your TV, you need to know the size of your particular TV. There are TV wall mounts that will fit a TV ranging from 55″ to 75″ but might not be compatible with smaller TV sizes like the 32″ TV.

The list above shows all the available wall mount compatible with almost every TV Roku TV out there. Still, you should also check if your TV size is listed among the consistent TV sizes in the specification.

TCL Roku TV Dimensions

Also, you might want to know your TV dimension to choose the right TV wall bracket. Check your TV specification to see the dimension of your TV. Whichever wall mount you decide to buy should be able to meet your TV specifications. Your TV dimension is not a spec to look out for when selecting the best wall mount for your Roku TV, but you might want to know the dimension.

TCL Roku TV Weights

The Best Wall Mount for the TCL Roku TV should also be able to carry your TV regardless of its size. Therefore, you want to check this feature before selecting your TCL Roku TV wall mount.

Most wall mount manufacturers will put the maximum TV weights their wall mount can carry in the specification. Therefore, you should ensure that your TCL Roku TV weight is not more than the carrying capacity of the wall mount.

TCL Roku TV VESA Mounting

The VESA Interface Standard sets the distance between a television’s four mounting holes on the rear (distance horizontally x distance vertically). Most TV manufacturers have adopted the VESA standard for wall mounts and mounting systems.

You must be aware of your TV’s VESA mounting. Make sure your TV VESA mounting is among the supported VESA mounting of the Wall mount. For example, the VESA mounting for most TCL Roku TVs is 400 x 200.

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