WhatsApp ‘Delete For Everyone’ not working; why?

Have you sent a mistaken message to someone on WhatsApp and now can’t locate the option to delete it for everyone? Frequently, the option is absent or does not work. Are you curious as to why? Let’s see if we can figure out why you can’t remove WhatsApp messages for everyone in this post.

Previously, if you sent a mistaken message on WhatsApp, it was permanently deleted with no means to recover it. Fortunately, when WhatsApp added the Delete for Everyone feature, things changed. However, it can cause us problems at times.
Let’s look into what’s causing this and why you can’t undo WhatsApp messages.

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What does ‘Delete For Everyone’ mean in Whatsapp?

You have two options when deleting a message on WhatsApp: delete for me’ or delete for everyone. The first is the standard delete option, which deletes the message from your phone. As a result, I’ve given myself the moniker Delete for me. The messages will not be unsent or deleted from the recipient’s phone.

Deleting messages on WhatsApp

The Delete for Everyone option will delete the message from both your phone and the recipients. It works in both individual and group interactions. The message will be removed from all of the group members’ phones in the latter case.

When you use ‘Delete for Everyone’, What happens?

When you press the Delete for Everyone button, the message is immediately removed from all phones where it was present. There will be no confirmation box. So be cautious when using it.

You will not be notified whether the message was successfully erased or not once you delete it. Rather, the message will be substituted by text that has been removed. While the sender sees the text “You erased this message,” the recipient sees “This message was deleted.”

Now let’s get down to business.

Why can’t You see the option “Deleter for Everyone’ on Whatsapp messages?

Because it is a unique feature, it does not always work. For proper operation, the feature must meet specific requirements. There are various reasons why you can’t see the Delete for Everyone option on your messages or why it doesn’t work when you use it.
Let’s have a look at them.

1. Deleting WhatsApp Messages Has a Time Limit

Unlike conventional delete, which operates indefinitely, utilizing Delete for Everyone has a time limit. Messages can only be unsent within an hour of being sent. You won’t see the Delete for Everyone option after that. So, if it’s not there when you press the delete icon, you may be trying to remove it after an hour has passed after you sent the message.

2. Messages Received

Only sent messages are affected by the Delete for Everyone feature. That is, you can only unsend messages that you have sent, not communications that someone else has sent. If you’re a group admin, for example, and someone writes an improper message, you won’t be able to delete it with the Delete for Everyone option. One of the privileges currently absent from WhatsApp admins’ powers is this.

You can, however, delete or delete for me the received messages from your phone using the ‘Delete’ or ‘Delete for me’ options.

3. Texts that have been quoted

Delete for everyone; strangely, it does not work for quoted texts. Consider this scenario: you send a message, and someone responds by quoting it. Now, if you unsend the original message you sent, you should erase the quoted message you sent as well. That, however, does not occur. Only the message you submitted will be deleted; the message you quoted will remain.

So, if you tried using the Delete for Everyone tool and were perplexed as to why the quoted message didn’t vanish, we hope you now know why. Fortunately, the text will not be accessible if you remove the mail first and then someone cites it later.

4. Images from WhatsApp on iPhone are not being deleted

The Apple ecosystem’s restrictive nature often irritates people. iPhone users, in particular, have similar limitations when it comes to deleting WhatsApp messages. That is, deleting WhatsApp media files from your iPhone via Delete for Everyone does not delete WhatsApp media files from your iPhone.

You must first understand how WhatsApp media files are downloaded on Android and iPhone to grasp the concept. When you download a photo or video from WhatsApp on Android and have auto-download enabled, the files are automatically stored on your phone.

For example, if someone gives you a photo, you can either download it (before they erase it) or automatically download it. If the sender later deletes the message, the photo will be deleted from WhatsApp and your phone.

Things are different on WhatsApp for iPhone. A photo or video is not automatically stored on your phone when you receive it. Unless you explicitly press the Save button or have the ‘Save to Camera Roll’ feature activated in WhatsApp, the media stays on the WhatsApp servers even if you download it to watch it.

When someone gives you a WhatsApp photo on your iPhone, and you have Save to Camera Roll enabled or manually saved it, the shot will not be deleted if they unsend it. That is to say, and the photo would be erased from WhatsApp alone, not from your phone. It’s still accessible through the Photos app. It will not, however, appear on WhatsApp.

You’re safe if the iPhone user didn’t save it or didn’t use the Save to Camera Roll feature. In other words, if you delete communications, they will be fully erased, leaving no trace.

5. WhatsApp’s most recent version

A new feature is Delete for Everyone. As a result, both you and the recipient must be using the most recent versions of WhatsApp, which support this feature. This functionality will not operate if you are using an older version that does not support it.

Is it true that Clearing Chat deletes WhatsApp messages from the Receipent’s end?

No, clearing chat will clear your phone’s WhatsApp messages. It will not affect the texts on the phone of the recipient. To delete a message for everyone, tap the delete icon and select the Delete for Everyone option.

Is it possible for someone to read my deleted Whatsapp messages?

That is debatable. If the recipient has already received your message, erasing it will only erase it from their phone, not from their mind. However, there are ways to access the deleted message on WhatsApp if they haven’t seen it.

Before You Delete, Consider your Options

When deleting a WhatsApp message, we sometimes select Delete for me rather than Delete for everyone. As a result, you should be cautious when deleting communications because you will no longer be able to undo the deletion because you will no longer have access to the message.

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