Best Wall Mount For 32-Inch TV (2024)

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To be honest, deciding whether or not to mount your 32-inch can be really difficult since there are tons of opinions discarding this. However, you should not believe this as you can always mount any type of TV, be it 32 inches or 70 inches, once you have the right wall mount.

Mounting a TV would not only help you manage space and improve your TV set’s appearance, but it will also enable you to gain optimum control of viewing angles. Hence, selecting a good TV mount will require you to consider factors affecting these advantages.

Some of these factors include the strength of the mount, proximity to the wall, level of adjustment, UL approval, tilting capacity, and so on. The good news is that you do not need to bother about finding these features in a wall mount for your 32-inch TV since we have done so and picked out the best TV wall mount for 32-inch TVs.

If you cannot go through our rather lengthy article, here is a glance through our recommendations:

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1. Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Monitor Wall Mount For 22-55 inch TVs

Full motion TV mount for 32 inches


  • Mounting Type: Full Motion Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Articulating and Tilting
  • Compatibility: 22-55”
  • Tilt angle: 5⁰-15⁰
  • Material: Alloy Steel (Aluminium and Steel)
  • Extendable Length: 16.3”
  • Retraction Length: 0.75”-1”
  • Dimension: 17.07×16.14×17.17 (L×W×H)
  • Mounting Plate: 11.46×3.19 (L×W)
  • Weight: 8.39 pounds

This wall mount manufactured by Amazon (Amazon Basics) is arguably the best option for your 32-inch TV. The wall mount can hold up to 80 pounds which is great since most 32-inch TVs only weigh about 10 pounds.

Since it is a full motion TV mount, it comes with the complete functionalities of a TV mount. You do not just get to tilt your TV; you can also swivel left or right up to 180⁰ to view your TV dynamically. It extends to about 16.3 and can retract to about 0.75 inches from the wall, which makes it attractive since it nearly conceals the wall mount.

Considering these features, one will expect the wall mount to cost a fortune. However, Amazon Basics full motion wall mount costs less than $25 and is better than some $100 TV mounts on Amazon. The wall mount should be top of your list since it almost checklist every factor we considered during selection.

2. Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount For 13-42 inch TV

32 inches TV wall mount
  • Mounting Type: Full Motion Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Swivel
  • Compatibility: 13-42”
  • Tilt angle: -11⁰ to +9⁰
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Extendable Length: 14.59”
  • Retraction Length: 2.7”
  • Dimension: 9.61 x 6.22 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.04 pounds

This full-motion TV wall mount is Amazon’s Choice for a 32-inch TV which is why it is the most recommended on the list. The wall mount is perfect for TVs between 13 and 42 inches and can hold up to 44 pounds.

It has a diversified VESA range, enabling you to swivel and tilt your TV as you wish. It allows for 360⁰ rotation, up to 11⁰ tilting angle, and 90⁰ right/left swiveling, which is basically all you need to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Pipi shell full motion wall mount also extends out up to 14.59 inches and retracts to about 2.7 inches. Even though we considered a maximum of 2 inches retraction distance standard, the wall mount is still perfect since the 0.7 inch is almost negligible. The wall mount normally costs below $30; however, with the ongoing discount on Amazon, you can get it for less than $20. So, what more do you need for your 32-inch to be hung?

3. Elived UL Listed Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount For Most 14-42 inch LED LCD Flat Screens TVs & Monitor

Elived TV mount
  • Mounting Type: Full Motion Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Articulating TV Mount  
  • Compatibility: 14-42”
  • Tilt angle: 3⁰-10⁰
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Extendable Length: 14.96”
  • Retraction Length: 2.67”
  • Dimension: ‎8.46 x 6.77 x 2.05 inches (L×W×H)
    • Weight: 2 pounds

The best Elived TV wall mount on Amazon certainly deserves all the hype it gets. It is perfect for TVs and monitors between 14 and 42 inches of not more than 33 pounds (15kg). It also allows you to rotate your TV up to 360⁰ and swivel from left to right and vice versa within an angle of 90⁰.

However, the tilting angle is one of the lowest on the list, as it has a maximum tilting angle of 10⁰ and a minimum of 3⁰. The extension and retraction lengths also come as a downside, although they are okay to provide an enjoyable TV viewing experience. Therefore, if you adore Elived products, this wall mount should be first on your list.

4. AM Alpha mount TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion For Most 13-39 inch TVs And Monitors

AM TV wall mount
  • Mounting Type: Full Motion Wall Mount
  • Movement Type: Articulating and Rotating  
  • Compatibility: 13-39”
  • Tilt angle: 5⁰-15⁰
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Extendable Length: 14.6”
  • Retraction Length: 2.13”
  • Dimension: ‎9.49 x 6.97 x 2.36 inches (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 3 pounds

This is another cheap wall mount manufactured specifically for small-screen TVs, and it perfectly does the job. Alphamount wall mount performs exceptionally, considering it costs only $18 (now $15.29) on Amazon and includes features of wall mounts from the top TV manufacturing companies.

It allows 180⁰ rotation, 90⁰ left to right swiveling, and up to 15⁰ tilting angles (5⁰ minimum). You can also extend the mount up to 14.6 inches and retract it to 2.13 inches which is quite shocking when compared to the expensive wall mounts on the list.

Hence, if you need a top-quality wall mount without breaking the bank, then Alpha Mount should be your priority.

5. Aentgiu Studless TV Wall Mount, Heavy Duty Dry Wall TV Bracket Hanger For 26-55 inch Flat Screen TVs

Studless TV wall mount
  • Mounting Type: Wall Bracket
  • Movement Type: Tilting
  • Compatibility: 26-55”
  • Tilt angle: Up to 5⁰
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Dimension: 17.32 x 1.93 x 1.54 inches (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces

As you may already know that it is highly not recommended to install full-motion TV wall mounts without anchors. Thus, this might pose a big problem if you have drywall in your room and no anchor. In this case, the Aentgiu TV wall bracket is your surest bet.

It allows for the easy installment of your 32-inch TV on drywall without a stud, anchor, or any other supporting component. It can accommodate TVs between inches 26 and 55 inches of not more than 80 pounds on dry walls and 110 pounds on wood. Certainly, you cannot rotate or swivel your TV here, but you still get a maximum tilting allowance of 5⁰, which is quite fair for a TV bracket.

The issue with wall brackets is usually observed on the wall in the form of damage; however, Aentgiu also takes care of this since the brackets also include foam pads to protect your wall. Overall, it is the best alternative if you are not a fan of full-motion TV mounts.


Obtaining the perfect TV mount for your 32-inch TV should not be much of a bother since you have just gotten five additional options to select from. You only need to consider the weight of your TV and your preferences in terms of viewing experience to make the right decision.

However, if you ask for our optimum recommendation, then we would say Amazon’s Choice is obviously everyone’s choice for a 32-inch TV. That is, Pipi shell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount

Last update on 2024-02-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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