Top 6 Samsung Phones With The Best Cameras (2023)

Looking for the best Camera phones from Samsung? This article list the top six you can buy right now.

It has remained an unending debate about the smartphone with the best camera configurations although iPhones and Samsung mobiles appear to maintain the lead. Consequently, it has been known to many mobile users that Samsung phones have the best cameras among Androids.

Still, it is difficult to select the overall best camera phones from Samsung considering the numerous numbers of flagships that have been released by the company. However, one thing is clear; the Galaxy series have the best cameras. The Samsung Galaxies come with the best camera quality, highest video recording capacity, and selfie cameras that beat the main cameras of many Android phones.

Yet, your final pick will be influenced by several factors such as the camera MP, video resolution, night mode features, aperture, optical image stabilization, pro mode, slow motion features, and Ai enhancements of each phone in the lineups. Other features you might be interested in are autofocus, HDR, Panoramic Photography, and multiple cameras. Note that the highest camera megapixels we have in any available smartphone on the market, for now, are 108MP which is the main camera of the Samsung flagship models in the last few years.

The 8K video quality is also a major advantage although the 4K video quality is still very much suitable to produce high-quality videos. If you are not a professional videographer, then the 4K video quality should be perfect for you.

The good news is that we have done the hard work of comparing every phone in the Samsung Galaxy series and compiled a list of the best Samsung phones with the best cameras across the three Galaxy series; Z-series, A-series, and S-series.

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If you cannot afford to read through the details of each of the phones, here is a glance through the list:

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Best Camera Samsung Phone


  • Rear Camera- Four (Wide 108MP F1.8 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 + Dual Telephoto 10MP F2.4 +10MP F4.9)
  • Optical Zoom- 3x + 10x
  • Digital Zoom- 100x
  • Front Camera- 40MP F2.2
  • Video Quality- UHD 8K @24fps
  • Video Resolution- 7680×4320
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @960fps + FHD @240fps
  • Ai Enhancements- Yes

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best Android phone for photography and videography at the moment. Competing intensely with the iPhone 13 Pro in many instances and coming out on top really shows what this piece of camera tool is capable of.

The phone boasts four rear cameras and a 40 MP selfie camera which is what you find at the rear of other Android smartphones. The 108MP wide rear camera coupled with the Ai enhancement produces images that are brighter and clearer than most traditional cameras.

It does not matter how far you stand when taking pictures with the S22 Ultra as the 100x Digital Zoom got you covered. Do not be deceived by the online comparison videos of the S22 Ultra since the dual 10MP telephoto cameras of up to 3x and 10x Optical Zoom are usually used in those videos. Moreover, it is amazing how these cameras still perform superbly though.

The capacity of the 108MP cameras cannot be underestimated as it removes the limit of Night Photography. Whether you are in the dark or not, the 108,000,000 pixels are more than enough to brighten your images.  You really are not ready for the 8K video recording quality of the S22 Ultra which allows filming of videos up to 7680×4320 resolution in UHD @ 24fps. This is the highest recording quality you can find in any smartphone.

At 960 fps HD quality or 240 fps FHD quality, the phone holds the leading slow motion features of Samsung smartphones. As we have stated earlier, there is no doubt S22 Ultra places photography at the fingertips of all its users.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Camera
  • Rear Camera- Four (Wide 108MP F1.8 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 + Dual Telephoto10MP F2.4 +10MP F4.9)
  • Optical Zoom-  3x + 10x
  • Digital Zoom– 100x
  • Front Camera– 40MP F2.2
  • Video Quality– UHD 8K @24fps
  • Video Resolution– 7680×4320
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @960fps + FHD @240fps
  • Ai Enhancements– Yes

The Samsung flagship of 2021 cannot be put aside when it comes to taking the best shots and recording outstanding videos of great quality. The camera configuration is in all aspects similar to that of this year’s flagship (S22 Ultra) although it lacks some of the Ai enhancement given to the latter.

You also get to enjoy the UHD 8K recording quality at a resolution of 7680×4320 @24fps with stereo sound improvement. The slow motion feature remains unchanged for both HD and FHD qualities at 960 fps and 240 fps respectively.

Galaxy S21 Ultra proves that sometimes you might need to take a step back to capture the best pictures with a phone with great photography features.

3. Samsung Galaxy S22+

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Camera
  • Rear Camera- Three (Wide 50MP F1.8 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 + Telephoto 10MP F2.4)
  • Optical Zoom- 3x
  • Digital Zoom- 30x
  • Front Camera- 10MP F2.2
  • Video Quality- UHD 8K @24fps
  • Video Resolution- 7680×4320
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @960fps + FHD @240fps

The S22+ comes as icing on the cake of the S22 although there is no obvious difference in their camera configuration.  Samsung decided to maintain the same photographic features use in the S22 and concentrate on improving the other features of the phone.

The phone comes with a 50MP wide camera with an f1.8 lens, a 12MP ultrawide with an f2.2 lens, and a telephoto 10MP camera with an f2.4 lens. The selfie camera also stands at the 10MP f2.2 included in the S22 and outranks the Z Fold 2 5G with a digital zoom of 30x.

It also takes the same video recording and slow motion features as the ones found in the flagship model of the series with the capacity to record stunning 8K videos of UHD quality at 7680×4320 resolution. Apart from the wide camera of 108MP in the S22 Ultra, there are really not so many differences between them.

4. Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy A53 Camera Quality
  • Rear Camera- Four (Wide 64MP F1.8 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 + Dual Telephoto 5MP F2.4)
  • Digital Zoom- 10x
  • Front Camera- 32MP F2.2
  • Video Quality- UHD 4K @30fps
  • Video Resolution- 3840×2160
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @240fps

The Samsung A53 5G is more of a hidden photography gem among Samsung mobiles. The phone has 4 rear cameras and a 32MP f2.2 selfie camera. The rear cameras are arranged from the 64MP wide camera to the dual 5MP telephoto cameras which place the 12MP ultra-wide camera in between them.

The only downside to the A53 5G and virtually every other top model of the A-series is the capacity to record only 4K UHD videos of 3840×2160 resolution @30fps and slow-motion videos of only HD quality @240fps.

Apart from the above, the overall photography features of the Galaxy A53 5G are not too bad and provide a cheap alternative to the expensive phones of the Galaxy S and Z series on the list.

5. Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S21 FE Camera Quality
  • Rear Camera- Three (Wide 12MP F1.8 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 + Telephoto 8MP F2.4)
  • Optical Zoom- 3x
  • Digital Zoom- 30x
  • Front Camera- 32MP FF2.2
  • Video Quality- UHD 4K @60fps
  • Video Resolution- 3840×2160
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @960fps + FHD @240fps

Even though many users will be a bit disappointed with the rear camera features of the S21 Fan Edition, the selfie camera of 32MP is something to consider. The phone has three rear cameras of 12MP+12MP+8MP that are not so bad for a Fan edition model.

Besides, both the optical zoom of 3x which you find in the S22 Ultra, and the Digital Zoom of 30x is included in the phone. It records 4K videos of UHD quality at a resolution of 3840×2160 @60fps and wraps up its videography functionalities with the slow motion features of HD quality @960 and FHD quality @240fps.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE might not be the best on the list but, it definitely has something to offer when we talk about camera features among Samsung phones.

6. Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Quality Camera
  • Rear Camera– Three (Wide 50MP F2.2 + Ultra Wide 12MP F1.8 + Telephoto 10MP F2.4)
  • Optical Zoom-  3x
  • Digital Zoom- 10x
  • Front Camera- 10MP F2.2 + 4MP F1.8
  • Video Quality- UHD 4K @60fps
  • Video Resolution- 3840×2160
  • Slow Motion Features- HD @960fps + FHD @240fps

The Z Fold 4 5G would have contested with the S22 Ultra for the position of the Samsung phone with the best cameras, but, it lacks the 108 MP wide camera. Instead, it comes with three rear cameras of 50 MP each and a 10 MP selfie camera which also takes an extra 4MP camera under it.

Nonetheless, the absence of the 108MP wide camera did not cut short the quality of pictures produced by its cameras; all thanks to the exclusion of the punch hole found in other Galaxy models. It also takes further improvements from the fantastic photography modes such as the Flex mode which allows you to take pictures by just waving your hands and Pro Mode which allows you to produce professional-looking shots. The 10x Digital Zoom complements the photography features of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G.

It also falls short of the 8K resolution quality but can record perfect UHD videos of 4K quality at a resolution of 3840×2160 @60fps. On the good side, it retained the slow motion feature of the S22 Ultra and therefore, can produce slow-motion videos of HD quality @960fps and those of FHD quality @240fps.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G is certainly a stepping stone to exploring the stunning features of modern photography of Samsung phones.

Bottom Line

Samsung S22 Ultra obviously outshines every other Samsung phone and Android mobile in terms of camera functionalities. Its camera specifications are of the next generation and pave way for modern mobile photography. 

Nevertheless, the other Samsung mobiles also boast exceptional camera specs and will make every memorable event remarkable with a shot.

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