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free movie download site

Movies are a lot of fun to watch and there is a huge number of online and offline streaming website to watch the latest movies out there. Most of the legal streaming website are premium and you have to pay a lot to watch these movies.

Everybody loves streaming on this website but not everybody has the budget since this streaming website charge monthly. The good news is that you can actually download most of the movies on this website for free and watch them anytime you like over and over again without paying a dime.

If you are intent on finding the best free movie download site to download HD movies for mobile or PC both old and latest movies in 2021, we got you covered in this article. The list consists of popular website that consist of both free and premium movies and the ones with free unlimited premium movies.

There is one thing to note however, most of this free movie download website has a lot of annoying ads. They do this in order to earn income since most of the movies they render are latest and they give it out for free.

You might find out when you click a download button it redirects you to an ad, when this happens, just click the back button. Without further ado, here is a list of the top free HD movie download website.

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1. Fzmovies


Fzmovies should be your number one choice when it comes to downloading latest movies for free. Whenever a new movie is released, give it two to three weeks, you will definitely find this movie available on Fzmovies.

Fzmovies has a broad category of movies ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Telemundo to Cinema of China, Korea, Japan and lot more. Also, you could search for movies by movie name, director, starcast or industry.

This website arranges its movies according to the year of release/production showing you if it the latest movies or an old movie which have been watched a million times.

Although the website does not contain too many ads, but a downside is that it contains embedded ads when you click on a button. So, you might be redirected to another website when you try to download a movie, but you can always press the back button to return to your previous page.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Has a search button
  • Select movies by director, industry or movie name


  • Pop-up ads
  • Embedded ads on clicks

2. YouTube

youtube free movie download

YouTube has been around for a very long time now and it is the number one streaming website in the world. In fact, it is the second most visited website after google. Many people go to YouTube anytime they are faced with any problem they had like to solve to get answers.

YouTube also has a movie session where you could watch movies for free and it is a legal website and safe when browsing. You could watch any movie of your choice on YouTube. The only downside to this is most movies are very old, like one-three years old.

YouTube allows anyone to post a video, but when it infringes copyright, the video is deleted and the channel posting those videos maybe penalized. This makes it hard to find the latest movies on YouTube. But you could download decent and interesting movies on YouTube.


  • Safe browsing
  • No annoying ads


  • Not so many movies
  • Old movies

3. Toxicwap

Toxic wap- free movie download site

Toxicwap is another great website to download free HD movies. You missed a TV series you had like to watch, or you are not always chanced to watch your favourite TV series when it is streaming, then Toxicwap should be your go-to.

Toxicwap has a huge category of movies including popular TV series, anime, cartoons, K drama, Bollywood to mention but few. You could also search for the movie you had love to download and select according to first letters of this movies.

Toxicwap does not feature a lot of ads which is good. You can navigate the website easily without annoying ads and the website is DMCA protected which makes it safe to download website from this website.


  • Safe browsing
  • Limited Ads
  • Contains TV series, cartoons anime and the likes


  • Latest movies are at least six-month-old from time of release.
  • Annoying ads.

4. Netnaija

download free movies on Netnaija

Netnaija is a top site to download free HD movies. This website has a broad category of movies including seasonal movies, TV series and almost a wide range of movies from various movie Industry.

You also get a wide range of videos like comedy videos, music videos, Tech videos, gospel videos, sport videos, news videos, entertainment videos, K drama series and lot more.

Netnaija does not command a lot of ads, but it contains pop-up ads which I don’t find attractive at all and could be annoying. But if you want a website to download a broad categories of full HD movies, then Netnaija is a good website.

5. 02tvseries


Do you love series movies? Then, 02tvseries should be your choice. This is the number one website to download free HD series movies. All your seasonal movies are in one place. You can choose to download the full series and also choose to download different episodes.

Many people might find the website easy to navigate since movies are arranged in alphabetical order, but the only search button takes user to and ad. I’d prefer a search button to the alphabetical order. Whichever way, it is a good website to download free HD movies.

Just like many other websites on this list, 02tvseries contains pop-up ads which are annoying. 

6. YTS

YTS movies download

YTS or YIFY is a torrent website with a lot of movies you can download. This website house a lot of free movies ranging from movies from 90s to the latest popular movies. The website is easy to navigate, and does not contain any ads at the time of this writing.

The website gives a good user interface, experience and safe browsing. So, what are you still waiting for? Head straight to YTS to download your favourites movies.

7. 123Gostream

123Gostream movies download website

123Gostream is another top website to download free HD movies. This website features a lot of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, K drama, Chinese movies and lots more. If you worry to much about exhausting your data when downloading movies, then 123Gostream is the top website for you.

One good thing about this website is, you get your free HD movies and they are available in small size. 123Gostream has already compress these videos so that they are of small size without compromising quality of the display and sounds.

At the time of writing, I didn’t find any annoying ads on this website. If you dislike ads so much then this website should be your first pick.

8. Retrovision

Retrovision is another top movie download website to download HD movies. This website has a wide range of movies you can download from ancient scenes movies to modern days scene movies. This website gives you an option to stream and download movies.

The website has a wide category of movies collection. You could select movies from different genres including adventures, Sci-fi, classical movies, 1900 – 1990 setting, war, crime, horror, cartoons, comedy and so on.

This website allows you subscribe to their news letter to get updated when they post new movies. AD on this website is minimal and uses google ads which is great.

9. The Internet Archive

Internet archive movie download website

The internet Archive is among our list of top free movie download site to download HD movies. This website allows anyone stream movies for free and you can as well download these movies. Before, the download links were not working but thanks to torrent links, every download links now works fine.

10. 1337X movies

1337X is among the best free movie download site on our list. This website not only allows you to download free movies, you can also download premium apps, games, documentaries, anime and lot more.

Ads on this website is not so much. And there is a lot of movies available on this website.


All the website on this list allows you to download Premium movies on popular streaming services like Netflix for free. Since this website are giving you movies for free, their links are not allows safe. Some of this website may contain torrent links. When you click on torrent links, some people could be tracking you or steal information from your device which is not safe.

Also, your ISP or government agencies in your country could be tracking you. The best practice is to use VPN services to browse on this website. VPN service hides your location, provides better security, improve performance and they are affordable. There some VPN service that cause the same service your local ISP charges you. There are also a broad safe free VPN services.


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