Xiaomi will showcase its CyberDog in over 100 Mi Home Stores in China

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On the Mi Home Weibo account, the Chinese tech giant announced the CyberDog with picture posters. Looking at these promotional posters, it’s evident that the corporation intends to debut its new product first in China’s province capitals, cities, and municipalities. The CyberDog is a bio-inspired quadruped robot that runs on NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX AI Supercomputer for Embedded and Edge Systems and has 128GB of SSD storage.

In addition, the new robot’s head is equipped with a multitude of cameras, microphones, and sensors that give it spatial perception capabilities comparable to the human eye. This features AI cameras, binocular super-wide cameras, and Intel’s RealSense D450 depth camera module, allowing it to navigate obstacles. It even has SLAM mapping and auto-tracking capabilities.

While Boston Dynamic’s Spot quadruped robot sells for a stunning 74,500 US dollars, Xiaomi sells its robot for merely 9,999 Yuan (roughly 1,540 US Dollars). In other words, it makes this device substantially less expensive than the robot built in the United States.

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