What Does Android System Webview Do?

The Android system WebView is an app you will find in every Android phone, but what is its function.

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In all your android usage lifetime, you must have come across a few apps that you’ve no clue of their functions. The android system Webview is such an app.

What is the Android system WebView?

Well, it’s a pre-installed application from google service which improves your internet surfing experience. The android system WebView integrates itself with every app on the system. So that you don’t need a third-party browser to open your clicked link, this provides extra security from information leakage. 

The android system WebView is powered by google chrome. However, its service is not as fast as its producer. Thus its usefulness is questioned by many users. But it’s not right to judge something based on another’s opinions.

Here we are about to discuss different aspects of the android system WebView. But, first, it’ll help you decide whether you need it or not.

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Let’s begin.

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What Does Android System WebView Do?

Android System webview

On the earlier android using days, when you press on a link, a popup menu appears asking permission to open the link on your desired app browser.

The android system WebView does it too, but much faster. You come across several links when browsing on Facebook, Instagram, or any other web page.

So, when you tap on the link from an app, a new window opens, redirecting you to the link without opening your app browser. It’s all thanks to the android system WebView. Because when you install any app on your android system, it automatically integrates itself with all your android apps.

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When you click on a web page’s dropdown menu, it helps to view the menu on the same page rather than redirecting you to a new page. It also improves our browsing experience by including the exact page popup menu. It gives you a computer-like browsing experience.

Do You Need The Android System WebView?

Android System Webview

By now, you’re aware that for your android system, the WebView is necessary.

Suppose you enable the Android system WebView app on your mobile device. Then, you don’t have to go through the hassle of copying a link, opening your browser, and pasting it to visit the link.

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You have to press the desired link, and the WebView will automatically direct you to that link without opening any browser; it’s that simple.

Here we’ve listed three essential usages for WebView in your android system.

Let’s have a quick look over them, shall we?

Transaction Security:

The android system WebView provides extra security during online transactions as you try to conduct your online marketing when you open the payment gateway through your credit or debit card. This payment gateway is run through WebView, which protects your personal information.   

Webpage Extension:

The most used apps like FaceBook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., have complete integration with WebView. So when you click any link on those apps, you don’t need any external browser. Instead, the clicked link opens within the app through WebView as an extension.

Personal Information Security:

You’re aware of information leakage through the internet. System Webview helps prevent your information leakage while surfing the net, and it’s most effective in an up-to-date version. So always keep it updated because every update fixes new bugs and makes it more user-friendly.

Is It Safe To Disable The Android System WebView?

The maximum number of you don’t know about the android system WebView. Some even think it’s some malware or virus. Unfortunately, this leads you to believe you don’t need it.

But it’s an essential app, and you do need it. Unfortunately, especially if your android version is lower than 7.0 Nougat, you can’t disable it from your mobile.

However, if your android version is higher than 7.0 Nougat, then it’s up to you whether you want to keep it enabled or not. Because in this android version, google chrome linked itself to all your applications. So that it can do the work of the WebView, but much faster.

As the android system WebView is a system app, you can uninstall it from your mobile system. However, you can disable it if you like. So it won’t cause any problems to your android system. However, there’s no harm in keeping the app enabled.

Why Is The Android System WebView Disabled On Your Phone?

With updated android visions, the android system WebView is automatically disabled. Because the newer android version WebView is covered by google chrome itself.

What is Android System Webview and Why is it important

So, your android phone doesn’t require the help of the android system WebView. But, as you know, it’s powered by google chrome.

Suppose you’re still using an older android version of mobile and want to know how to disable and enable the android system WebView on your phone. Then continue reading as we disable and enable the android system WebView.  

How To Disable The Android System WebView?

Suppose you don’t want the android system WebView to interfere with your web browsing. Then you should know you can’t permanently uninstall it from your mobile. Instead, you can disable it as long as you want. And to disable it, you can follow the process below.

● Launch the google play store from your android device. Next, navigate the search bar and look for the android system WebView.

● After that, press the “enable” icon, and it’ll be disabled from your mobile device.

How To Enable The Android System WebView?

If you have disabled your android system WebView and want to re-enable it, you can do it by following the simple process below.

● Open the play store, navigate the search bar, and look for the android system WebView. There you’ll find the enabled option.

● If it doesn’t work, go to your phone’s settings and open app management.

● Look for the app by scrolling up and down or searching for it if the option’s available.

● After that, click on it to enter the app’s options menu.

● There, you’ll find the option to enable the android system WebView.

Final Thoughts

So that you know, the android system WebView is an essential app for your mobile. Whether web browsing or conducting transactions online, it plays a vital role. Also, it provides security while making the surfing experience much better.

We hope from the above discussion you’ve learned all you need about the android system WebView. And it helped you to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

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