Phone Spying Apps: Are there any benefits of using them?

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Given how often the words spying apps get thrown around on the internet these days, people are curious about the benefit these apps provide. Furthermore, the omnipresence of these apps on several “Top Apps” lists and their widespread use have left people curious about their actual value. This article explores the legitimacy of their benefits in today’s times.

As we continue to live in an increasingly tech-savvy world, more and more people are finding ways to make the most out of their phones. If you get your teen a cell phone, don’t be surprised if they want dozens of apps and mobile games on their phone. It can make keeping their phones safe very difficult. Children tend to share everything with their friends. So they don’t think twice about downloading various apps that can open them up to several threats.

It’s not just kids; full-time employed workers are also vulnerable to the myriad of threats on the web. Nefarious actors employ various social engineering tactics to exploit workers. For example, they use phishing, email hacking, DNS spoofing, access tailgating, and bait scams to fool employees into giving access to hackers. In addition, employers utilize spying apps to outwit hackers. Let’s explore how exactly this happens.

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What Are the Benefit of using Spy Apps?

Spying applications provide a variety of hidden tracing capabilities. Location tracking, phone recording and monitoring, keylogging, email recording, social tracking, and SMS and instant message monitoring are just a few options.

The current generation of spying apps, more commonly referred to as remote monitoring apps, has two main user groups: parents and employers. Therefore, app developers want to appeal to a broader user audience while catering to these two main user types.

App developers have put a ton of effort into making these apps easy to use and install. So much, so that much research simplifies the installation process and after-sale tech support. Consequently, mobile monitoring applications, contrary to common opinion, are relatively simple to set up and operate.

To use these tracking applications, users must pay a monthly fee. XNSPY, for example, has a monthly subscription fee as low as $4.99. You can read one of the featured XNSPY reviews here. Once the subscription is active, you can utilize them immediately. Consequently, monitoring software is an excellent choice for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy or new to phone monitoring.

Private sellers frequently add functionality and alter the code in their applications to bypass a smartphone’s protocols or utilize the current technology more effectively. As a result, the most popular remote monitoring programs are regularly updated. 

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We have gone over the current features of spying apps. Let’s now look at some of the utilities they offer.

Safeguard kids online

Cyberbullying is a significant issue that often goes unnoticed. Most kids are afraid to disclose they are being bullied online because of guilt or fear of repercussion. Around 95% of teens in the U.S. spend time on the internet. In addition, most of them visit the internet via their smartphones, making it commonplace for bullying.

Most cyberbullying occurs over social media, one of the most popular ways teens spend their time on smartphones. For example, 42% of surveyed teens experienced cyberbullying on Instagram. As a result, parents now use remote monitoring apps to check their kids’ well-being and avoid being bullied online.

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These apps prove helpful as there is no direct way to safeguard kids over the internet since the medium is vast. Remote monitoring apps can prevent cyberbullying, as a parent will always control their child’s online activity. They will be able to analyze conversations and how their kid interacts with strangers online. Parents thus can intervene at the right moment.

Parents also utilize monitoring tools to monitor their children’s internet activity and protect them from the possibility of ransomware. They will use browser tracking features to ensure kids don’t visit any dubious websites or click on links that might contain malware. Similarly, parents could use monitoring applications to educate their children on becoming good online citizens. Kids may keep their phones unsupervised or click on potentially dangerous websites. It may result in malware attacks or phishing scams.

Parents may use phone tracking applications to track when their kids receive a suspicious link in an email or if their child leaves the phone unattended. In addition, they may educate their children on how to behave in such scenarios and how to safeguard their digital privacy.

Protect company data

Corporate espionage and whistleblower incidents have also become more common. They can damage a firm’s reputation and risk any future earnings.

Company officials implement surveillance software to ensure employees remain productive and on track. Many businesses use these applications to keep track of their employees and support them when they fall behind schedule or become stuck on a critical assignment. In addition, employers may use XNSPY to monitor their employees to ensure they are not engaging in criminal activities or sharing business information with others without authorization. Monitoring apps also eliminate the risk of data theft for enterprises.

XNSPY is a remote monitoring app with built-in location tracking, call recording and monitoring, keylogger, email tracking, social media app monitoring, SMS, and IM Chats tracking.

Remote monitoring software does not require any special hardware to function. So companies only need smartphone technology to extract and convey the data to the interested party.

The company’s data remains secure even if an employee communicates via end-to-end encrypted channels such as WhatsApp or emails. Employers can also discover trends in the propagation of ransomware threats, allowing them to get to the root of the issue much sooner. For example, they might use the email monitoring feature of a remote monitoring program to look for malicious links in emails. Workers get warned about these emails before they open them.

Recover lost phones

There has been an upsurge in cellphone theft all over the world. In addition, an increase in mobile insurance fraud has cost mobile phone companies billions of dollars annually. We see an uptick in street crime, resale, and trafficking of stolen phones worldwide. People are panicking because actual criminal syndicates have suddenly become engaged in this profitable sector.

Monitoring software can aid in the recovery of lost or stolen mobile phones. Phone tracking software may leverage a device’s location to track or narrow its position in real-time. It is useful when time is crucial. The most significant advantage of these applications is that they don’t require physical access to the device to track it. So if a device is lost or stolen, the owner can remotely view its location in real-time via monitoring apps.

Safeguard elders

Elders can be kept out of danger with remote monitoring programs. However, employees and children aren’t the only ones who may benefit from tracking software. Monitoring apps can also keep a check on dementia patients who are old. They frequently become disoriented and lost due to their hampered spatial recognition.

Medical alert systems and health monitors are examples of technology that may alert loved ones in the same way. However, they can be pricey and need specific technology or patient input. On the patient’s phone, remote monitoring applications run in the background automatically.

They don’t necessitate any particular patient input or additional hardware. The ambient sound recording capability of monitoring apps might be beneficial in this situation since it allows users to listen to their loved ones’ surroundings.

Help locate missing persons.

Imagine you go out camping with the boys. You get separated from your group as you leave your favorite jacket behind. You take a wrong turn as you try to get back to the group. It’s been two hours, and panic starts settling in. Let’s face it; you are lost. You aren’t receiving any network signals. How you wish you had some way of informing your friends you’re safe. Luckily, you can!

The geolocation tracking technology of monitoring apps helps triangulate a person’s location by accessing a phone’s GPS service. The ambient noise recording utilizes a mic to listen in on the background sound of a person’s surroundings. Combine these two features, and you can help locate a missing person. Thus these apps can prove beneficial if a loved one goes missing.

Content Written By Alan Smith, First Published on Vic’s Guide.

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