6 Best Free PDF converter apps (2023)

Best PDF Converter apps

In this article, we will discuss the best PDF file converter apps that can help you change PDF files to editable formats. Still, before that, we would like you to know about PDF conversion and why it is essential.

PDF or the portable file format is one of the most secure file formats for document storing and sharing. This is because you cannot edit PDF files because of their portable nature. 

PDF has become the new normal for sharing documents via mail or other mediums. There are many benefits of using PDF, but you must know that the biggest con of using PDF files is that you cannot fix any errors in the document. This is where PDF to word converters come in handy.

If you want to make changes in a PDF file or fix any errors, you can easily use PDF file converter apps. PDF to Word converter app can also help you extract important data from a file. 

Today, there are hundreds of different PDF file converter apps that you can install on your mobile, but in this post, we will tell you about the best ones.

Top PDF file converter applications that you can choose today!

Try out any of the below-discussed PDF converters:

PDF Converter – PDF to Word

PDF to Word Converter

This PDF file converter app is free and best for changing PDF to different formats and vice versa. You can install this easy-to-use PDF to Word converter app on all kinds of mobiles without any hassle. You can use the converter without any sign-ups or registrations. You have to use the upload options and drag the PDF files from your local document gallery. After inserting the PDF file in the app, you must select the file type you want the PDF to change. You can change PDF to word, jpg, png, zip, text, and other standard formats. Some essential functions of this PDF to Word converter app include reading, making, and viewing all kinds of PDF files. With this free mobile app, you can convert PDF and lock, unlock, merge, split, and even watermark PDF files.

Download PDF to Word Converter

Able2Extract PDF Converter

AbletoExtract PDF converter

This is also one of the top-rated applications you can have on your mobile phone. Enter the file you want to convert in the app and select the output format; once you select the output format, you need to click on the ‘convert’ button. This application is quite famous for its speed. It can change your PDF files to your desired format in less than fifteen seconds. Here you should know that with the help of this PDF file converter, you can change PDF to word, excel, PPT, and other editable formats. The best thing about using the able2extract PDF converter is that you don’t need an internet connection to use this app. 

Download AbletoExtract PDF Converter

PDF Converter PRO

PDF Converter Pro

As the name tells us, PDF converter pro is also one of the best applications for PDF manipulation. This PDF file converter application is available for both mobile and desktop users, and that too for free. With this specific application, you can change your PDF to word and all other Microsoft formats. Also, know that you can also change PDF to image-based formats, including jpg, png, TIFF, BMP, and ODT. The best feature of this PDF converter application is that it backs up all your files in its cloud storage so that you can recover files in case of any loss. 

Download PDF Converter Pro

PDF Filler

The PDF filler is also one of the best utilities on this list. This PDF app is used for creating new PDF files, but you can also use it as a converter. This application’s built-in editor and converter feature make it a hot choice for smartphone users. If you want to edit your PDF document, you can easily use the editing options offered by this app. You can also use the converter apps to change the PDF files in word or other editable formats. The best thing about this converter is installing it on your Android and iOS devices.


This is another famous application that you can install on your mobile. This PDF file converter is free and easy to use. This PDF app is best for both android and iOS devices. You can use this application to convert PDF to other formats. You can also use it for compressing, splitting, merging, and even annotating PDF files. The application works in more than two dozen languages, so it is famous all across the globe. This PDF converter is available in both free and paid versions. It is up to you to choose the most suitable option. 

Parting Words

Converting PDF files to other formats was impossible in the past. Still, today thanks to online PDF converter apps, you can easily manipulate your PDF docs as per your requirements. Moreover, these apps are both free and easy to use!

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