Apple’s iOS 14 Won’t Stop Receiving Security Updates after iOS 15 Launch — Confirmed

Apple’s iOS 14 Won’t Stop Receiving Security Updates after iOS 15 Launch — Confirmed

Over the past few years, Apple has annually dropped new iOS and at least three iPhones. With each iOS update, Apple introduces advanced security and privacy features. And, the prime objective of this security update is to enhance iPhone protection. 

Millions of iPhones have been hacked due to using easy to decode passcodes. This is the primary reason why Apple added a password recommendation feature in iOS 14. With this security feature, you can identify and change complicated passwords. 

Apple has included a few more helpful security features in the iPhone 12 series. Moreover, iPhone users can surf the web safely with the “Private Address” feature. Furthermore, users have prevented data breaches with the iOS 14’s security update. Though, iOS 13’s security features made the device vulnerable to cyberattacks. But, the developers claimed that you get the options to minimize the potential security risks in iOS 14. 

Is iOS 14’s Security Features Working after the iOS 15 Release?

More than 85% of users have updated their iPhone to iOS 14 for security enhancements. But, a few users were in a dilemma whether they could use these security features after the iOS release. Because after the new iOS launches, the existing components or apps stop running. Thus, it becomes essential to update the iOS to use the high-end iPhone features. 

But, Apple revealed that iOS 14 users don’t need to update their iOS at present. Though, Apple claimed that there wouldn’t be any software compatibility issues. But, if you experience this, contact the iPhone repair service experts immediately.

Usually, Apple aimed at removing the bugs and security flaws with each iOS update. But, in iOS 14, the users didn’t experience any security issues or glitches. This is another reason why Apple is letting the iPhone 12 users stay on iOS 14. Moreover, the developers have planned to add more security features in iOS 14. 

You can expect to get minor security updates within a month or two. But, those security features might be limited to iOS 14. Apple didn’t yet decide to add the iOS 14’s security features in the iOS 15. So, if you find the existing features effective for the device’s security, don’t update the software. 

When Shouldn’t You Consider Switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15?

On September 20, Apple finally launched the fifteenth major iOS in the global market. After receiving immense appreciation from the iOS 14 users, Apple decided to launch iOS 15. However, millions of iPhone owners are still confused about whether to update the iOS or not. 

You might get a redesigned notification bar or new features in the iOS apps. But, certain limitations are associated with the iOS 14 update. And, third-party restrictions are one of them. 

Organisation-Related Restrictions

Over the years, the usage of iOS applications has increased in organizations. Some companies are dependent on iOS widgets. With these tools, it has become possible to improve business productivity. Apps like Drafts or SignEasy can make your daily work easy. However, these iOS 14 apps won’t work in any of the iPhone 13 models. So, if these apps have daily usage in your company, never update the iOS. 

Sometimes, companies put restrictions on system updates if the current software has bugs. Because an unwanted software problem can hinder the workflow. So, stick to iOS 14; currently, that will be a feasible solution. Since Apple will release security patches, you can benefit from iOS 14.

Software Update Makes the iPhone Accessories Incompatible!

Are you getting a “this accessory might not be supported” message after the software update? It is because the iOS 14 accessories won’t work in iOS 15. Therefore, you have to buy a new wireless charger that supports the updated iOS version. However, the iPhone experts recommend not using any third-party accessories with iPhone 12. It might adversely impact the device’s performance or longevity. 

Moreover, iPhone accessory developers started updating their devices in June. But, during the beta test, iPhone users addressed certain flaws. So, the developers are still working on it to make the iOS devices flawless. In this situation, it will be better to use iOS 14 for a few more months. 

Keep Aside the Unwanted Bugs

It has been almost two weeks since Apple released iOS 15. And many problems triggered in this next-generation iOS. Users received the “Storage Almost Full” alert even when there was enough space. And Apple is still unable to address the reason behind these iOS 15 bugs. 

Moreover, the “Shared with You” feature is not working all the time in iOS 15. 

You might even get a hindrance to store iCloud photos in this latest iPhone operating system. A few users have faced difficulty in running iTunes, and some files were also missing. The Live Text feature is also not working on iOS 15. But, you can run this AI-powered app in iPhone 12 or earlier version efficiently. 

What are the Other Issues the iOS 15 Users Have Experienced?

Well, the Share Play feature is also not working on iOS 15. And, this is why Apple has disabled this Screen Sharing feature in FaceTime. Unable to see the widgets after updating the iPhone 12 to iOS 15? It is probably a software glitch that will be difficult to resolve. 

Apple recommends closing the background apps to fix this problem. You can also consider reinstalling the apps that are not showing on Widgets. But, if these solutions don’t work, take professional help immediately. 

Furthermore, some users are unable to open YouTube videos after the software update. This happens because, in iOS 15, a lot of apps still need to be optimized. Moreover, Apple claimed that iOS 15 would take 10-15 minutes to install. But, users reported that it was stuck on the “Verifying Update’ page for a long time. However, these sorts of problems have still not occurred in iOS 14. So, wait until Apple removes these patches from iOS 15. 

New Features are on the Way!

During the WWDC event, Apple made announcements about a handful of features for iOS 15. But, it got delayed due to some reasons. Features like Wallet App or Digital Legacy are yet to be added to this latest iOS. Additionally, you will get the Universal Control and App Privacy Report at the end of this year. 

Unable to locate the “Find My Support for AirPods” feature? Because Apple has not yet released this feature in iOS 15. So, if you are waiting for these features, it might not be worth updating to iOS now.

What are the Latest Security Updates Apple has Recently Included in iOS 14?

Apple has added a new face unlock feature in iOS 14. It will help users to unlock the iPhone while wearing face masks. Additionally, you can use this security feature in the Apple Watch 6 series. Even the developers have deployed stringent app tracking rules in iOS 14. Apple stated it would help iPhone users to save their data from third-party apps. 

Users found out that apps like Facebook or FaceTime track user data. But, with this latest iOS 14 security update, you can put an end to this problem. So, go to the “Automatic Updates” option and toggle off the “Download iOS updates” to receive security updates.

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