How to Migrate to Glo Yakata: Everything About Glo Yakata

Glo Yakata Tariff plan offers you 2000% bonus of every recharge you make all for free. Here is everything you need to know, pros, cons and how to migrate.

how to migrate to glo yakata

Glo Yakata is a new Tariff plan introduce by Globacom Limited and this plan has a lot of amazing offers available for both new and existing customers. These new package offers prove that Globacom Nigeria Limited strives to continually provide great services and offers value for money.

There are plenty of offers you could get from the Glo Yakata Tariff plan, free calls, free data and more value for each recharge you make. A 100 recharge gives you a whopping ₦2000 value. If you do the math, that an incredible 2000% bonus.

In this guide, I will show everything there is to know about Glo Yakata, including the benefits and some glitches. Also, I’ll show you how to migrate to Glo Yakata.

What’s Glo Yakata All About?

Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan available to both existing and new Glo users and it is packed with many free call and data offers. The new package was launched by Globacom Nigeria Limited in order to provide more value to their customers.

Benefits of Glo Yakata

Glo Yakata provides you 2000% bonus on every recharge from N100. Take for example, when you Recharge ₦100, you have your ₦100 on your main Acct balance, ₦300 free voice call, 1000 data value, 25MB + 25MB. And all these offers attributes to ₦2000.

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata

At the time of this writing, new customers are provided with the Glo Yakata package, so if you are just buying a new sim or you recently bought a new Glo sim, you don’t have to do anything. But if you are an existing customer and you want to migrate to the new package, dial *220#.

That all, you have successful migrated to the new tariff plan. To confirm the migration was successful, dial *100#.

Glo Yakata Subscription Code

The Glo Yakata subscription code is *220# and you can dial *100# to confirm you are subscribed to the package.

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Glo Yakata Bonus data & Airtime

The bonus you get from Glo Yakata depends on the amount you recharge. Every recharge starting from ₦100 to ₦5000, have its own offers attributed to it. The bonus is divided into On-Net Voice, All-Net Voice, data, social data and extra data for first recharge in every month.

Glo Yakata provides you extra data on every first recharge of the month. You can use All-Net bonus to call any network including international while the On-Net bonus is meant for only Glo-to-Glo calls.

The Glo Yakata Social data bonus can only be used on the three most popular Social Network (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp).

₦100 Recharge benefits

When you recharge ₦100, you have ₦100 in your main Acct balance, ₦300 on-Net voice bonus, ₦200 All-Net Voice bonus, 25MB data bonus and 25MB social Data Bonus.

₦200 Recharge Benefits

When you recharge ₦200, you have ₦200 in your main Acct balance, ₦600 on-Net voice bonus, ₦400 All-Net Voice bonus, 50MB data bonus, 50MB social Data Bonus and 250MB on first recharge of the month.

₦500 Recharge Benefits

When you recharge 500, you have 500 in your main Acct balance, N1,500 on-Net voice bonus, ₦1000 All-Net Voice bonus, 125MB data bonus, 125MB social Data Bonus and 600MB on first recharge of the month.

₦1000 Recharge Benefits

When you recharge ₦1000, you have ₦1000 in your main Acct balance, ₦3000 on-Net voice bonus, ₦2000 All-Net Voice bonus, 250MB data bonus, 250MB social Data Bonus and 1200MB on first recharge of the month.

₦5000 Recharge Benefit

When you recharge 5000, you have 5000 in your main Acct balance, 15,000 on-Net voice bonus, 10,000 All-Net Voice bonus, 1250MB data bonus, 1250MB social Data Bonus and 6000MB on first recharge of the month.

Glo Yakata Bonus Validity

Glo Yakata bonuses are very big, but all the bonus you get last only 7-days including the 6000MB offer. This is normal since all the offers are free and you can still use the amount in your main account balance to call and buy data.

My advice is that you make sure you use all the data before it expires.

How to check Glo Yakata bonus

To check every bonus you get, dial *220*1#. For data bonuses, dial *777# and follow the onscreen directions

Call/SMS rate for Glo Yakata

This is an area you will not want to migrate to the Glo Yakata Package. Many people are not aware that the call and SMS rate of the Glo Yakata is ridiculously high. The call rate and SMS rate are bigger than any other Glo Tariff plan and any other telecommunication network in Nigeria.

Glo Yakata bonus are bigger, but the call and SMS rate are also huge for both main and bonus account. The call and SMS rate include;

  • 55k/s for Glo to Glo calls
  • 70k/s for calls to other networks
  • ₦4 per messages from main account and ₦14 per message from bonus account

How to Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata

If you feel the Glo Yakata plan is not for you and you want to unsubscribe from the plan, just dial the code of the plan you want to migrate to. One thing you need to note is that, migrating to different Tariff plan is free, but ones you migrate to another tariff plans within a month, you will be charged ₦100.


The Glo Yakata Tariff plan offers the largest call/data bonus of every Glo Tariff plan and even other service provider in Nigeria. But the SMS and call rate are ridiculous high and makes it looks like it just a way of making it looks like Glo offers the best.

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