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Fuliza | increase your Limit with this Fuliza hack

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Victor Smith
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Fuliza is a Safaricom overdraft service that allows M-PESA users to finish transactions even if they don’t have enough money in their account.

New users are normally assigned restrictions upon activation, which are gradually increased over time based on active usage of Safaricom services, including M-PESA.

However, such increases are only implemented after Safaricom conducts a three-month assessment.

Nonetheless, if some of the comments on this popular mobile loans Facebook group are to be believed, there appears to be a flaw in the matrix.

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One member just learned that he could bypass the Safaricom processes and increase his limit ten-fold without having to wait three months for a Fuliza limit review!

This sparked a flurry of responses, with some users admitting that it was conceivable but that there was a 50/50 chance that one’s limit would be increased or reset back to zero!

Enough of the talking; what’s the trick to increase your Fuliza limit? All you need to do is Opt-out and Opt back in.

This hack might work and might not work for you. Some customers have given testimonies that the trick actually worked, while some found that their loan was reset to zero after trying the trick. If you think it is worth trying, you can decide to try out the trick.

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I will advise that if the trick actually worked for you, don’t try to opt-out again in the bid to increase your limit further. It might work for some people, but you might lose it all, and your limit could go back to zero.

If you’ve ever used this trick, did it work for you or not? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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