Enable Notification Light On Poco M4/M4 Pro/M5/ M5 Pro

Do you know you can turn the punch hole camera on your Poco M4, M4 Pro, M5, and M5 Pro into customizable notification lights? The punch-hole camera on Android phones can display beautiful and customizable notification lights whenever the user receives notifications.

You will need to use a third-party app to use the punch-hole camera on your phone as a notification light. Some popular apps that can do this include “Edge Lighting” and “Always on Edge” for Samsung devices and “aodNotify” for other Android devices. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and will allow you to customize the color and behavior of the notification light using the punch-hole camera.

You can customize the Color, animation, and behavior of the light to match your liking; some apps also allow you to set different notification lights for other apps. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you’ll need to grant it access to the camera and configure the settings to your liking.

The right app that works well with the Xiaomi Poco M4, M4 Pro, M5, and M5 Pro is “aodnotify.” The rest of this article explains how to install and customize the “aodnotify” app to turn the punch-hole camera of your phone into notification lights.

How to Enable LED Notification Light on Xiaomi M4, M4 Pro, M5 and M5 Pro Phones

Let me show you how to enable notification lighting on your Poco phones. If you want to allow the beautiful LED Notification mentioned earlier, you will have to install the app mentioned earlier, “aodNotify.”

Here are the steps for enabling LED Notifications on your Poco M4, M4 Pro, M5, and M5 Pro.

Step 1: Installing the aodNotify

You first need to go to the Google Play Store and search for and download the app called “aodNotify.”

Alternatively, visit this link to the Google Play Store. The app below is the Actual App you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus, S10 Lite Notification Light

When you’ve finished downloading and installing this app, start it, and you should be redirected to a welcome screen that looks like the first column in the image below.

setting aodnotify app For Poco M5

Press the “NEXT” button at the bottom of your screen from this screen, and you’ll be led to a new screen (Second column of the image above) where you’ll be asked to grant the app access to all of the fundamental rights that will be requested.

Of course, once you’ve finished configuring the required permissions, hit the “DONE” button at the bottom of your phone’s screen, and you should be taken to the app’s main menu page or homepage (Third column of the image above).

Step 2: aodNotify settings for Poco M4 and M5 series phone

Touch on the first setting option, Notifications on the homepage, and make sure the toggle button in front of it is turned on, and you should see a new screen that looks like the first column in the image below.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Notifcation Settings

This page allows you to customize how the app interacts with your phone by specifying which apps or battery events are permitted to display notifications. This does not alter your phone’s standard notification settings.

When you’re finished setting this page, return to the Main Menu page and tap on the second setting option, Notification light, and make sure the toggle button in front of it is switched on if it was off by default. You should see a new page like the second column in the image above.

You can personalize the virtual hole punch notification LED using the three independent customization choices available on this page. Dimensions, Style, and Effects

aodnotify options

Style– The Style option allows you to choose which portions of your phone screen should display the virtual hole punch notification LED.

You can select to display it around your phone’s camera edges or the edges of your screen. We’re going to set ours to indicate around the camera edges of our Samsung Galaxy S10 phones for the sake of this tutorial.

Effect– You can apply multiple animation effects to your hole punch notification LED using “Effects,” but you only get three of them if you use the program’s free version; the paid version gives you a lot more.

Dimensions– Dimensions allow you to resize and locate your Poco M4 and M5 phones’ unique hole punch notification LED if necessary. But I’m guessing the app worked it out independently, so you don’t have to do much here.

Step 3: Always on Display Settings

Go back to the Main Menu and select the following option: Always-on Display. Here, you can choose when the light should display. You have three choices; only on-display, tap to show, and show always.

I will advise you not to choose the always show option because this option might drain your phone’s battery.

This page allows you to connect the app to your Galaxy phone’s native always-on display functionality to work together seamlessly.

You may customize how the Notification LED appears on your phone using the native always-on display feature from here.

Step 4: Enable LED Notification Light on Samsung Poco M4/M4 Pro/M5/M5 Pro

Return to the Main Menu, and this time, tap on the following configuration option labeled Display time, and you should be taken to a new page like the one below.

Set display time for notification on Samsung Galaxy S10

You may customize how long the Notification LED on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone stays on when you receive a new notification from this page.

You don’t have many settings here, so just set everything up as you want. When you’ve finished with the above settings, return to the Main Menu for the last time.

Step 5: Selecting Color

This time, click the next setting option, Color, and you should see a new page that looks like the one in the second column of the image above.

This page allows you to add colors to your custom hole punch notification LED to give it a final touch. You may select different colors for notifications from various apps, different colors for displaying your phone’s battery percentage, and even different colors for your contacts.

So, go ahead and set things up the way you want them, and then join us for the next phase, where we’ll put the app and all of our settings to the test.

Step 6: Testing

Now is the time to put the app to the test and ensure that all of the settings we’ve made so far are working correctly.

So, close the app and turn off your phone’s display, then grab a second phone and send your phone anything that would provoke or trigger a new notification. A direct and brief text message will suffice.

Suppose you followed all of the methods described and discussed above correctly. In that case, you should see a light ring illuminating your phone’s camera hole-punch cutout and its natural always-on display feature.

You now have a customized virtual hole punch-inspired Notification LED on your Xiaomi Poco 4, M4 Pro, M5, and M5 Pro phones.

Please let us know if this worked or didn’t work for you in the comments section below, as well as what parts of it you’re having trouble with if it didn’t, and while you’re at it.

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