Cricket Wireless Plans, Features, and Price 2024

Cricket is a low-cost prepaid carrier that is a good choice for a lot of consumers. Their plans come with plenty of 4G LTE data and comprehensive service. Even at its low cost, Cricket provides a fantastic experience, and for many individuals, it is a viable option to AT&T. What’s more, taxes are included in the price – what you see is what you pay!

This article explains everything you need to know about Cricket wireless, their cell phone plans and their prices.

About Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is an AT&T-owned and operated prepaid cell phone company. Cricket Wireless was founded by Leap Wireless International in 1999 and eventually purchased by AT&T in 2014.

Cricket Wireless is now known for providing excellent, low-cost AT&T cell phone options. Cricket’s single-line plans start at $30 per month and drop to $25 per line for unlimited plans with four or more lines. Furthermore, the price you see includes all taxes and fees.

Cricket Wireless Plans

Cricket Wireless has a variety of plans to choose from, all of which start at a low price.

Cricket Wireless provides four different plans. The maximum speeds for the 2GB, 10GB, and Unlimited Core plans are all 8Mbps.

Only the Cricket Unlimited More plan, which is the most expensive, comes with full-speed data.

Cricket’s current plans are as follows:

2GB10GBCricket Core
Cricket More
Price$30 per month$40 for one line
$70 for two lines
$90 for three lines
$110 for four lines
$55 for one line
$80 for two lines
$90 for three lines
$100 for four lines
$60 for one line
$90 for two lines
$110 for three lines
$130 for four lines
Data2GB of 4G LTE data10GB of 4G LTE dataUnlimited high-speed 4G LTE dataUnlimited 4G LTE data at Cricket’s highest speeds
Speed 8Mbps 8Mbps 8Mbps Full Speed
StreamingHigh Standard Definition
High Standard Definition
Standard Definition 480pStandard Definition 480p
Talk and TextUnlimited
HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
HotspotNo HotspotNo HotspotAdd-on Hotpot15GB Hotspot
Other FeaturesVisual VM, MMS, Wi-Fi Calling, Volte, Roaming Visual VM, MMS, Wi-Fi Calling, Volte, Roaming, Int’l calling, Group saving Visual VM, MMS, Wi-Fi Calling, Volte, Roaming, Int’l calling, Group saving, Int’l data Visual VM, MMS, Wi-Fi Calling, Volte, Roaming, Int’l calling, Group saving, Int’l data, 5G access

2GB Cricket Wireless Plan

If you are a user that spends the majority of their time connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or you are on a tight budget and wish to talk and text. Then, the 2GB plan is the right choice for you.

The 2GB option is a basic plan with enough data for people with low data limits and on budget. You’ll get 2GB of 4G LTE data every month, as well as unlimited call and text.

If you have a suitable phone, Cricket’s 2GB plan also includes HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling. You can purchase additional gigabytes of data as needed for an extra charge. Each line of 2GB service costs $30 per month.

10GB Cricket Data Plan

If you are Users that do not require a hotspot and would rather stream on a TV, a 2GB plan is not enough for you. The 10GB data is ideal for Users that intend to utilize data but do not want to pay per gigabyte.

Fortunately, each line is less expensive than the last, so the extra charge for five times the data is worth it. The only differences are the extra data and per-line savings; streaming and hotspot are still not accessible. The cost for the 10GB plan is only $40 per month.

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Cricket Core Plan (Unlimited)

For Users who wish to be able to use their phone as a hotspot and stream video, Cricket Wireless’ Core plan is the best option.

Cricket core Plan includes a lot of limitless features, but you don’t have to pay for a hotspot if you don’t want one. Standard Definition (480p) streaming, international texting to 37 countries, and unlimited LTE broadband access are all included in the core package.

You can also use your talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico if you use less than 50% of your plan in the United States. This is a great plan for Users who intend to send text messages to people in other countries.

Cricket More Plan (Unlimited)

Cricket More, the most costly Cricket package, is similar to Core except it offers 15GB of hotspot access for an additional $5. If you know you’ll need that extra data every month, it’s the more cost-effective alternative, and it comes with all of the same benefits as Cricket Core.

Although streaming is still limited to standard definition, knowing that your plan will work for visits to Canada or Mexico is always reassuring. Cricket More is also the only choice with 5G access, so it’s your best bet for high-speed data.

What plan add-ons does Cricket Wireless offer?

Bark Jr. and Bark Premium

Because of Cricket’s new partnership with Bark, you can now regulate your children’s screen time and filter websites to keep them safe. For $9.99 per month, you can upgrade to Bark Premium, which includes email monitoring and surveillance across more than 30 apps.


Cricket International will let you dial landline numbers in 35 countries if you set up a plan that costs $40 per month or more. You have the option to cancel at any time.

International Extra

For all 35 countries, International Extra adds images and video calling, as well as the ability to dial mobile numbers in 31 of them for up to 1,000 minutes.

Individual Countries

If you have relatives in a country that isn’t one of the 35 international options, you can pay a fee to add specific countries. Much of Central America, as well as the Philippines and Vietnam, are available. Plans typically offer varied amounts of talk minutes and unlimited texting.

Added 1 GB of data 

This add-on increases your data cap from 2GB to 3GB or from 10GB to 11GB, which is ideal for minimal data plans. You have the option of adding it once or on a monthly basis.


Although Cricket More comes with 15GB of hotspot data, this add-on gives the Core plan the same amount. It’s useful if you only want to use a hotspot for a month, but if you’re planning to use a hotspot frequently, you might be better off with the More plan.

Add-ons for hotspots

If 15GB isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the Core or More plan for an additional 15GB. You can add it once or on a recurring basis, just like the conventional hotspot addition.

What Phones Can You Use On Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless like any other MVNO, allows you to purchase a budget phone. There are numerous to pick from, but Cricket also has many of the most cutting-edge devices available.

The latest iPhone 13 or old iPhone XR are available, while the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Motorola One 5G are among the Android highlights.

If you want to bring your own phone, double-check that it works with Cricket Wireless. Cricket used to be a CDMA carrier, similar to Verizon and Sprint until AT&T came in. It’s now a GSM carrier, so you can use AT&T or T-Mobile phones.

Unless you’re switching to AT&T, you’ll have to wait six months if you buy a Cricket handset and then decide to leave the network. As always, band support is the most crucial consideration while switching carriers. You’re out of luck if your device doesn’t support the appropriate bands.

Cricket Wireless Plans Popular Questions

Does Cricket Wireless offer family plans?

Yes, Cricket offers family plans. They are well-known for providing some of the most affordable family plans on the AT&T network.

Does Cricket Wireless offer plans for smartwatches, tablets, or hotspot devices?

Cricket has data-only plans that work with tablets and mobile hotspots. Cricket Wireless does not presently support smartwatches.

What does Cricket Wireless use for coverage?

The following are the current 4G LTE band Covered by AT&T
700 MHz: Bands 12/17/29
850 MHz: Band 5
1900 MHz: Band 2
1700 MHz /2100 MHz: Bands 4/66
2300 MHz: Band 30
AT&T Current 5G Band is based on its 39GHz band (band n260).

What features does Cricket Wireless support?

Visual voicemail, VoLTE (also known as HD Voice), Wi-Fi calling, hotspot, up to 4K video streaming, domestic roaming, 5G connectivity, stateside international calling to Canada and Mexico, and international data roaming in Canada and Mexico are all features available on Cricket.
Depending on the package you choose, some features will be different. The two unlimited options both allow roaming in Canada and Mexico, however, the video streaming quality is limited to 480p.
The 10GB and 2GB data plans offer up to 4K video streaming but do not include international roaming in Canada or Mexico.

What features does Cricket Wireless NOT support?

Cricket does not presently support eSIM.
Cricket’s 5G service is likewise confined to Android phones purchased straight from the company.
Cricket customers who bring their own Android phones will not be able to use 5G. Those who bring their own iPhone to Cricket, on the other hand, will have access to 5G.
If you bring your own Android phone to Cricket Wireless, hotspot support may not work.

Is there any kind of deal, discount, or referral program offered by Cricket Wireless?

On all of their plans, Cricket Wireless offers a fantastic family discount. With their Cricket Unlimited Core plan, the price reduces to as low as $25 per line.
Cricket has a referral scheme as well. You’ll get $25 in account credit for each person who signs up using your special Cricket referral link. A $25 account credit will be given to anyone who signs up using your link. You are limited to ten referrals each calendar year, or a maximum of $250 in account credit.

Which Cricket Wireless Plan is Right For Me?

If you’re ready to make a move, the Cricket Core (Basic Unlimited) is the best choice and the plan is hard to beat. The apparent benefit of limitless data is evident, but you also get standard-definition streaming and usage limits of 50% in Canada and Mexico.
You can text your friends in 37 countries, and the Cricket Core plan is less expensive than the 10GB option after you have more than three lines.
Cricket Core does not include a hotspot, but you can purchase one for an additional monthly charge. If you know you’ll need that hotspot frequently, go with Cricket More, which saves you $5 a month and includes 5G access.

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