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Chan131 free movie download website

Ch131 is a website that lets you stream TV shows online for free. Ch131 is usually called Channel 131 or Chan 131 and uses Chan131 as its URL for those who don’t know. When you hear of these names, they refer to the same website.

When it comes to websites that allow you to watch movies for free online or even download free TV shows, many are. Over time, we reviewed some of these sites. The best alternatives to chan131 are the 02tvseries, Fztvseries, and tvshows4mobile websites.

Our goal is to communicate with you more and more about these sites over time. The goal is to bring these websites closer to you. One of the problems many people face with most free movie download sites is the inability to get to the websites. The website might be down most of the time or have completely moved to a new domain name.

If you probably can’t get the Ch131 right now, no worries, this article shows you the right URL of the websites, and we will always update this article from time to time when we noticed the Ch131 moves to a new URL. Also, if you can’t still get to the website at its official URL, which is, no worries, you can navigate to Chan 131 alternatives using the table of content below. You will get the movie you are searching for from any of these Chan131 alternatives.

Although many people know the website, they do not know how to navigate the site, so the reason for this article. Ch131 at, also known as Channel 131, focuses on sharing free TV shows. For example, users can watch TV programs online at chan 131 for free.

The rest of this article shows you how to navigate the Chan131 website and all the features available on the site, including alternatives if the website is offline.

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About Channel 131

We have websites that focus only on movies like Goojara and Couchtuner, and some focus on only TV shows. Ch131 is one of those websites that focus on only TV shows. Although other sessions on the site, such as movies, music, and downloads, these sessions appear inactive, at least not at the time of writing.

Chan131 Features

If you visit the Ch131 website (, you will find two main sessions on the homepage. TV series Airing today and recently added TV shows. The content you get from these two categories is categorized when the TV was published and made available.

Channel 131 features

TV Shows Airing Today

As the name of this category suggests, it shows you the days in the week the website’s owners broadcasted these shows. The chan131 website is constantly updated with more TV shows as they are broadcasted and necessary information you might need regarding that TV show. In addition to today’s TV show, there are also specific days of the week. Today, when it is Sunday, Sunday is visible. The following are the programs that air today.

The specific day of the week is next to the TV shows broadcast today. Today is Sunday, Sunday shows clearly. Below, there are today’s shows.

While you can stay on your television waiting for it to come up, you can relax and watch it on the website when it is available. This is very simple! It is so simple!

Recently Added TV Shows

This part of the website’s homepage shows you TV shows that were recently posted. In this session, you can easily check the latest updates and seasons, and episodes under them. You can choose to watch the movies in this session. Navigating channel 131 is so simple. You are not limited to watching your favorite TV shows alone, and Channel 131 also allows you to download these shows for free.

How to Stream and download TV shows on Chan131

It is straightforward to watch TV shows online on channel 131 or chan131, also known as Ch131. Third-party websites stream these shows through the service.

Follow these steps to watch shows on channel 131:

  • Visit the website’s URL at
  • Navigate to the TV show episode that you want to watch online or search for the TV show using the Search bar
  • Click on any of the server tabs on the TV show page, just below the description. Using Berlin Station as an example, choose between vshare, Vidlox, Vidoza, and Openload.
  • Click the play button when the video player appears beneath any of the selected services.
  • The TV show will begin to play after a few seconds, depending on your network speed.

While I mentioned that the website is oriented on watching shows online, downloading these shows is very simple. This, however, is dependent on the server from which you choose to broadcast.

As of the time of writing, you can download shows from chan131 using the Vidlox server option. Select Vidlox and, on the video player, click the download icon.

Is Chan131 safe

No, any websites that let you download movies or shows for free are deemed illegal. The right way to watch TV Shows is to wait for them to be broadcast on the right TV channels or paid platforms. Any website that gives out free movie content does not usually have a license to do.

Aside from this, the website displays some pop-ads, and anytime you click on a link, you are always redirected to an ad.

Chan131 Alternatives

It’s always good to have alternatives for movie download sites as these websites may go offline anytime. The following are the top chan131 alternatives;

  • TVshows4mobile
  • FzTvseries
  • 02Tvseries etc.


You don’t need to wait for your TV shows to be aired before watching them. Chan 131 allows you to watch your favorite TV shows even before they are broadcasted. Also, if you missed a TV show, you can watch the show at any time on Channel 131.

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