3 Best Dynamic Island Apps for Android (Like iPhone 14’s Pro)

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Dynamic Island is one of the major notable features of the iPhone 14 pro and pro max. We expect most Android phones to follow suit and include the dynamic Island in their user interface. Before Android smartphone OEMs bring this feature to their OS, some developers took the opportunity to do just that in 2022.

With some amazing apps on the Google Play store, you can get the Dynamic Island feature on your Android device. The best part is that these apps are customizable and you can change the interface the way you want unlike the iPhone 14 pro and Pro Max.

Although there are many apps on the Play store promising to enable the Dynamic Island feature for you, there are only a few that are more functional and come with better animations and appearance. In this article, we will list the top 3 best dynamic island apps for android.

The Best Dynamic Island Apps for Android


Price: Free / $2.49 – $4.99

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Our favorite Dynamic Island app is DynamicSpot. The default settings of this app are the best we have seen so far and you can customize it in different ways. You can resize the pop-up and set it in different positions. It also comes with many functionalities like music controls, rich notifications, a timer, an animated music visualizer, and the option to use it as a notification light. The animations are very fluid, resulting in a visually pleasant experience.

The only downside to this app is having bugs at times which the developers of this app correct from time to time. Your phone settings could also limit the functionalities of this app, especially when your battery setting is in battery-saving mode. We have explained how to set up the DynamicSpot app in another post.


Price: Free / Optional donation

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DynamicBar is another great app that allows you to enable the dynamic island feature on your Android device. All you have to do to get this app working on your phone is to install the app and give it all the necessary permissions. You can also customize the app just the way you want. Customization in the sense that you can adjust the size, color, position, and overall appearance.

The app is also equipped with functionalities like music controls, a timer, rich notifications, and an animated music visualizer. When using this app, we did not come up with any issues at all, but you might experience occasional bugs from time to time. As this is an error you get from most apps like this. The developers of this app seem to fix bugs from time to time when reported in the Google Play store.

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The app is free to use with a few ads that pop-ups from time to time which could be a little annoying. But you can make a donation to the creators to remove the ads completely.

Dynamic Island by Grice Mobile

Price: Free / $1.99

dynamic island apps

The Dynamic Island by Grice Mobile is the third-best dynamic Island for android in our list. You just need to install this app, set it up and everything should work properly. The app comes with some features like screenshots, volume controls, music control, pick calls, and notifications.

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The dynamic app also shows when the phone is on the lock screen. This app keeps itself enabled all time even on the lock screen, unlike other apps that might be disabled after the battery is low. Although this is your preference, you might find it amazing or not.

The app also displays ads that can be removed when you purchased the app.

So those are the three best dynamic Island app you will find on the Google Play store.

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